Orbit and .Net Framework 2.0

This past week I got the hang of Visual Studio 2005. It's nice. Seems a little sluggish for me in relation to the 2003 version. But it's got some cool features. I particularly like the class diagram one :) If you ever wondered how the latest internal version of Orbit is architected, here's a glimpse of the UML for the exe file :)

(click to expand)

As for supporting the .Net Framework 2.0, I still have a few issues. Some are my fault (which I'm fixing) and some are Managed DirectX's fault. The DLLs aren't compatible with .Net 2.0. There are a few beta DLLs available... but I'd rather wait for the final versions, because the MDX libraries tend to change a LOT from each release.

Overall all good! I got into a research project at the federal university! I'm developing a molecular visualization program for them :D I'm making the renderers (D3D and OpenGL). We'll eventually pick OpenGL for linux support, but I wanted to see how much better D3D would be on Windows, so I'm building both! It's really cool! :D


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