Orbit rewrite

I think that the Orbit rewrite is almost done :)
Really! Yesterday I was able to finally break the largest class into two. Now the two halves contain 1475 and 1290 lines (before the rewrite started, the main class was 6000+ lines long). I'm happy I was able to do that. This means that now, Rendering and Direct3D initialization and Direct3D event handling is not done in the main class anymore.

Ironically, now the largest class there is is the Configuration window :P adding up to 2404 lines of code :P fun huh?
There is some localization needed to be done. Some of the new UI has to be coded to add multi-language support (the excluded tasks window doesn't have multi-language support right now). And I need to fix some of the old UI which has some parts which weren't really localizable (like the tray icon's tooltip and smaller things like that that I missed... silly me). Once I get those localization settings done, I'll contact the translators. While I wait for the translators to reply to my new strings of text to be translated, I'll prolly release a nightly build. Once that becomes final, we'll have a release. Possibly a little surprise for the devs too.

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