Sorry for such a long delay

Sorry, sorry! I was too stressed out with my studies to post something here. I'm really sorry. I'm back able to work with computers nicely. But I still haven't done any updates to any of my projects. I made some fixed that were reported to Orbit though. But that's about it. It seems that lately I haven't had the guts to get down to programming. I have to apologize for this. In fact, I wasn't able to do anything for my own fun in the last month or so. I'm just studying and studying... My only happiness is that this day, one month from now, it's all over. Be it for good or for the bad. I'd like to thank all the e-mails congratulating my work on Orbit. I'm really happy. Thanks so much for your support :)
I had some crazy ideas lately. Though I must say that due to lack of being not tired enough to program, I haven't really gotten any of them seriously programmed. Just tests.
I played around with the Speech SDK. Looked pretty interesting, though I need to get a decent mic to test it out. And I must say that saying "Open Orbit" looks much more interesting than pressing Win+W :)

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