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Just so you guys know, I've posted the latest nightly on the O&E Forums (here's a direct link to the ZIP). Don't forget this assumes you have the Managed DirectX Libraries in the same dir as the Orbit.exe file. I'm pretty satisfied with it. though I think I might need to add some more for a release. Dunno.

As of Lighthouse, I've practically given up on integrating it into explorer. Mainly cause the documents/code snippets i found didn't match AT ALL in how they worked (at least in .Net with interop). For now, during internal dev, I'll prolly make my own simple explorer proggie to test out some virtual dir stuff I wanted to implement. Once I get that implemented, I might try again integrating it into explorer :P
So far we have:
- Real time catalog updates
- Low CPU usage
- Searching by keywords (not just by file name/path)

and to come:
- Virtual folders so you can organize the same file into a ton of categories
- Possibly explorer integration so you'd be able to use it along your disk stuff
- Thinking of more.... :P

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