Wow! For the longest time I haven't touched Orbit's code! Now, after months of immaculacy I've come to touch that code again. I didn't remember having worked so much on it. I didn't even remember integrating 60% of the new code into the old build :P. YES! This means that the next nightly build does feature brand spankin new code in many areas! The result of this is that Orbit is more robust even if it's not totally rewritten. But the part that is, at least for me, is working wonders and is easily readable. The non-transparent render path is as small as it ever was: 129 lines of code. Of course it calls off to other functions outside of that path. But then again, those functions are re-used everywhere. So it's all great :)
I really miss the times when Orbit was going at speed. Can't say it's my fault. I need to study.
I'm gonna work on this tonight to fix the bugs reported on the forums. If i finish soon, I'll even look into why Orbit can't run as non Administrator. This oughta make it more appealing to some power users that don't run as admin.
Will keep posted :)

Oh the insanity!!!

two words:
Namespace Extensions

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