Virtual Directories

Yesterday I got the thinking, and I thought of some preliminar way to implement some potential Data relationships and Virtual Directories.
I think the Virtual Directories part can be done quite easily. My only trouble is "exploring" those directories. I'd need to integrate into Windows Explorer OR make my own browsing app... wouldn't be nice... another app to make, it'd be.
More or less the same thing with Data relationships, in Windows Explorer you can't drag a file into another to relate them in some sort of way. I thought maybe select, right click and have something like "Relate...". I think it'd be interesting :)
Right now I need to work out on optimizing the background cataloguing of moving and copying files because of that notification issue i mentioned in a previous post (can't link :S - scroll down to "ENEM" on 29/08/2004 09:54). Once I get that sorted out, I'll look into making virtual directories work. This should be nice if you want several files listed in different places but don't want to have a copy of the file. These relational databases would only link to the file data in the database itself and that data would link to the physical file. Should be very interesting once I get it working. Plus, anyone know a way to integrate a Virtual Directory structure to Windows Explorer in much like the same way as the Longhorn Store did?

Pointless header picture added

Yep! I added a pointless picture to the header of the blog. just for the sake of it.
The little logo in the image is just a logo i did for myself. All my works will have it, from now on :)
About what is that image, it's a bunch of chairs. Just their legs hehe. I'm gonna be putting random pics i take up there. I might even use some CG stuff. But it'll always be stuff i did. Should be cool. No programming yet. Still getting over the damn exam.

Back from the Hospital

Yep! Yesterday I went to the hospital :\
I had to do a Catheterism. That required me to intern myself friday morning and I was able to leave yesterday morning. They used my leg as entry point, so it's hurting like hell. The semi-good part is, I have no congenital heart problems. But that leads to the point where they still need to search for the reason why I'm having Tachycardia and Arrithmia attacks.
I'm still feeling a bit feeble due to the whole procedure, which required anesthesia. But I'm getting better by the hour :)
I hope to be able to get back to my regular activities by Tuesday. Up till then, I'll keep you guys posted :D

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