Time+patience are rare findings nowadays

Yesterday I just joined more prep classes for my college application test. Now I have my afternoons and my nights occupied with classes. I think that developement will be a bit more rare, but a bit more inspired from this point on. What I mean is, I'll have less moments where it coincides that I've got the time and the patience to program. But when I do, they'll be better cause I've been programming less, so it makes me want to do better :)
I guess i was always more productive during the night, heh.
Just keeping you guys posted. Due to this, none of the projects have been worked on this week.

Oh... My.... Gawd....

Daaaaamn this thing can freak me out sometimes!
I run a server on my pc (Orbit's error reporting is done directly to a WebService on my pc) and as such, it stays on all the time. This morning i woke up to find my pc turned off... That made me start wondering. While I did so, I turned it on and went to check out the rest of the world outside hehe.
What do I find when i get back into my room?
My computer's login screen is totally screwed up. Not just things are out of place, but onscreen colors are all crazy! I started to get reeeally scared. I turned the pc off and turned it on again, just to make sure it wasn't something from that bootup, and what do i get? [blinking monitor led]... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My video card can't be gone! PLEASE don't be!!"
So I turn it off again opened the case and looked inside: everything looking great. Still no video signal. I remove the video card and stick it in again and then i got video signal :D I was sooo relieved! It went into Windows and everything looked normal. So now I'm back procrastinating closing the case ;)
By the way, yesterday I got home at, like, 1am cause there was some serious stuff going on at my friends' house. But I managed to get it mostly under control. Didn't do exactly what they wanted me to because his GF has an old COMPAQ pc and it needed to get its cdrom drive switched so i could reinstall windows properly. The problem is: it won't let me open the case its screws that hold the case are not really screws, so I didn't have the tools to open. I definetly hate COMPAQ now. Plus! as a thank you, he lent me his MIDI cable :D now I'm having fun recording stuff from my Roland :D

Back from ENEM (and right on time)

Well... after four and a half hours of tests, I'm back home :D
I think I did pretty well. Waiting for the results.
A friend of mine asked me to help him out with his MIDI keyboard. He's having trouble getting his soft to use the MIDI port and communicate with the keyboard. So as not planned, i'll be over to his house to help him out. It's a good cause. He's a nice guy, so it does me absolutely no harm to help him out :). I expect to be back soon. But i don't know if, after troubleshooting hardware issues, I'll be in the mood for coding hehehe. Maybe I'm just lazy :P

Update: just got the test answers: i got 80.95% :D that's pretty cool


ENEM is "Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio". Which means "National High School Exam". It's basically a test that grants me points in my college application test :). This is good. I'm taking it today 1pm (GMT-3). It's a long test - at least it was last time i took it. And yeh, in case you're wondering, my previous grade is not valid anymore.
So this means I'll be away the whole sunday, but when i come back (I expect to come back before 6pm) I'm gonna work on some tricky algorithm for guessing when a file is moved in Lighthouse. I say guessing because the FileSystemWatcher does not have a Move event. It has Create, Delete, Change and Rename. Basically, the Move event is a conjunction of Creating the same folder/file somewhere else and then Deleting the previous one. So this means i get separate events from the FileSystemWatcher. What I'm going to do is recognize the file being created by its dates, names and extensions (since when Moving a file, its content is not changed. I'm trusting this premise) and re-use it's old entry in the database. I already do this for the Renaming event, for instance (the Rename event gives me OldFullPath and FullPath which indicate me what to look for in the catalog and what to catalog). Doing this guessing and re-using the previous catalog entry is way more benefitial then re-cataloguing the file on its new location. Especially if you consider that on re-catalog, if there's a plugin that supports that file, it'll open the file and read through it for keywords. Using the previous entry, all the extra work needed is just to find the previous entry. But i'll get back to this later when I come back. If i'm successful, I'll post here ;)

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