New template effective

While i'm developing the template, i'm applying it to the blog to see how it looks :)
if you ask me, i love it!

there will be slight changes to it in the next few minutes/hours/days as i tweak it more to my taste ;) but mostly, this is the look of my devblog :P
if you guys have any suggestions, post them in the comments of this message... as soon as i can get it working..... :S sorry XD

Oh i forgot

Oh! I forgot to mention: I'm working on a new template for this blog :) gonna make it all nice and smooth :D

Blog Innaugurated!

Hello, everyone! For a while i've been meaning to create a devblog, but never actually made it. Now i did. In this blog, I'll post some of my deviations as a programmer. The two main focus i have right now are Orbit and Lighthouse. Orbit is a different style app launcher. It pops around the mouse with all the useful links you select. It's really neat :) Lighthouse is another project of mine which is still in developement but i'm very exited about. It's meant to be a database indexing of files on the pc. In other words: think of Apple's Spotlight. That's basically it. I'm gonna try to make it as good as possible by allowing people to write plugin addons for it and all. It'll be great :) I'm betting tons of my free time on this and it's coming pretty well.

Stay tuned for more!

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